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Mia Farrow, actress and humanitarian

'During one of the darkest periods in human history, Mukesh Kapila sounded the clarion call and stood firm in the face of the ultimate crime: genocide'

John Prendergast, board member of Not On Our Watch, the charity founded by George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and others

'Mukesh Kapila's was a lone voice in the wilderness as the twenty-first century's first genocide unfolded in Darfur... this book is an eloquent testament to his efforts to blow the whistle and prevent evil from triumphing - a struggle that still continues across Sudan'

Lt Gen The Hon Romeo A Dallaire, UN Force Commander, Rwanda 1994

'In this personal and moving plea, Kapila forces us to look directly into the face of genocide'

David Loyn, BBC world affairs

'This moving account of determination to fight injustice reads like a thriller. It reveals the chilling details of how the international community tried to silence Mukesh Kapila when he exposed the massacres in Darfur - and the price he paid for his courageous stand'

Lord Alton

'It's precisely because "never again" all too frequently happens all over again that his book is essential reading'

Professor Tony Redmond

'Very moving and quite outstanding'


'A genuine testimony from the man who witnesses unspeakable massacres in Darfur. Dr Mukesh shows his deep lament about the continuous and mysterious failure of international community for breaking his promises : Never again'

Mark Gatter

'This is a shocking account of something which should never have happened. To tell the story at all is incredibly brave, but to have lived it and to have dealt with the continued stonewalling encountered at every turn must have been truly awful. My heart goes to the Sudanese people of Daufur, and to the writer(s). Thanks for doing this difficult and painful work. It's a book everyone should read'

Mergen Davaapil

'Perhaps not an easy beach read but the quick paced narrative is both informative and exciting. It's a shame that it took so long for the world to recognize the horrific events and still we sit idle'


'This is a fascinating and passionate account of the Darfur genocide. I highly recommend this book. 'Against a Tide of Evil' is wonderfully written and I hope it will finally make us all realize and understand what really happened in Sudan, in the first mass murder of the 21st century'


'I was truly touched by Against A Tide of Evil! In addition to being extremely well written and surprisingly entertaining for a work of non-fiction - and covering the horrendous topic it does(!!) - it also made me reflect on a personal level. It made me wonder if and how one can train in every-day life to enhance our ability to take the right decisions and not to be guided by fear. Can we learn to be courageous?'

Mrs TE Sowerby

'I heard author speak on World Radio. Such a brave man. More whistle blowers are needed in our vulnerable world'

Amona Hassb

'A poignant memoir... powerful and confronting'

John B

'A very readable, at times gripping and passionate, account of the process by which the former head of the UK Government's Conflict and Humanitarian Affairs Department, in the role of UN Resident Coordinator/Humanitarian Coordinator for Sudan, came to the decision in March 2004 to break ranks with the UN hierarchy (and also the UK Government) to key speak out about the widespread village burnings, killings and human rights abuses in Darfur that had begun in 2003. This courageous stance effectively ended his ability to work again for both the UN and the UK Government. This is a fascinating account that reveals the personal values that led him to take this stance and the loneliness that is the experience of whistleblowers - even when they occupy top positions in large international organisations'

C. Ellis

'A excellent book which demonstrates moral courage against those around you to do what is right. A thoroughly emotive and inspirational read. Thank you Dr Kapila'


'An outstanding book. One of the hardest reads of my life because of the content and the unspeakable things mankind (personkind) continues to inflict on mankind. One of the easiest reads of my life because as the reviews indicated it 'reads like an international thriller' - it is not, what it is a wake up call to us all. It's a 'wake up call' to governments across the world and a 'wake up call' to the UN.

Well done for having the courage to write it Mukesh, and more than well done for bringing this tide of evil to the attention of the world'

Sam Tranum

'This memoir of Kapila's time as head of the UN in Sudan is brutal and tragic. It's also suspenseful and I stayed up late for several nights reading to see what would happen next. If you want to learn what happened in Darfur through the story of one man's involvement in that horrible mess, then this book is for you. I was left, though, still wondering why it all happened. From this account, it seems the government in Khartoum decided to kill thousands of people and drive them from their homes simply because they were black, which is possible, but I suspect there must also have been political or economic reasons.

I finished the book disgusted with the world's response to Darfur -- and especially with the United Nations. It left me puzzling over an organizational culture that apparently thought the right thing to do about the Khartoum-sponsored mass murders and mass rapes and mass displacements in Darfur was to keep quiet to avoid offending Khartoum. I can't see how this could ever be justified, but then I'm a journalist and therefore biased toward making things public. In any case, I'm glad Mukesh Kapila broke the code and alerted the press to what was going on.

Unfortunately, it sounds like all the publicity -- and the UN Security Council action and International Criminal Court indictments of Khartoum leaders -- that followed hasn't stopped the killing in Sudan. Maybe the people involved in raising awareness about Khartoum's crimes and providing succor for Khartoum's victims should instead (or also) be raising money to quietly hire a Blackwater-like military contractor to enforce no-fly zones in the parts of Sudan that Khartoum continues to brutalize. And perhaps provide arms and training to the anti-Khartoum forces in those areas so they can defend themselves. Sure, it'd be illegal, but who's going to oppose it with more than just angry rhetoric?'

Dame Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice Chancellor, University of Manchester

'Against A Tide of Evil is really compelling reading. It is also extremely thought provoking for those who watch with horror news stories about genocides such as that in Darfur, from our comfortable lives but don't really think about what it's like and what it means. Reading this book made me feel very proud that Professor Kapila is a member of our University.'

Ilya Gridneff

'Just finished the excellent 'Against a Tide of Evil' : how we ignored mass murder on an industrial scale. A must read for NGO, diplomats media.'

Michael Joseph

'Its an amazing book Mukesh... its quite an eye opener. If only all men had the courage you do then this world would be such a better place.'

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Mukesh Kapila

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Against a Tide of Evil is published by Mainstream Publishing. ISBN 9781780576329

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Mukesh Kapila

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Against a Tide of Evil is published by Mainstream Publishing. ISBN 9781780576329

Hardbacks are available from all good books sellers: Hard back Hard back - Ebook Hard back - Ebook Hard back Hard back Hard back - Ebook Hard back - Ebook (India): Hard back - Ebook