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In this no-holds-barred account, the former head of the United Nations in Sudan reveals for the first time the shocking depths of evil plumbed by those who designed and orchestrated 'the final solution in Darfur' and why so many good men stood by and did nothing. A veteran of humanitarian crisis and ethnic cleansing in Iraq, Rwanda, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone, Dr Mukesh Kapila arrived in Khartoum in March 2003 having made a promise to himself that if he were ever in a position to stop the mass-killers, they would never triumph on his watch.

Against a Tide of Evil is a strident and passionate cri de coeur. It is the deeply personal account of one man driven to extreme action by the unwillingness of those in power to stop mass murder. It explores what empowers a man to make a stand to confront global indifference and venality.

Mukesh Kapila is a medical doctor, humanitarian expert, and international aid diplomat. Currently a Professor at Manchester University, he has experience in over 130 countries serving in senior positions in the British Government and at the United Nations, World Health Organization, and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. His dealings with many dictators and despots across the world's premier trouble spots have led him to focus on the prevention of genocide and the other most horrible crimes against humanity, as Special Representative of the Aegis Trust.

His co-author Damien Lewis is an award-winning and bestselling British author, published in 36 languages worldwide. His other powerful and compelling memoirs include the acclaimed international number one bestseller Slave, co-written with Mende Nazer.

Mukesh Kapila

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Mukesh Kapila

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Against a Tide of Evil is published by Mainstream Publishing. ISBN 9781780576329

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