Mukesh Kapila

Our world is messed-up because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. At the root lie greed, unfairness and injustice. We may not always succeed in righting all human wrongs, but we are always required to try.


Sudan border lands 2013 - FRECCIA_AEGIS-0869
Dr. Mukesh Kapila at Manchester University

WISH: World Innovation Summit for Health - Report of the WISH Healthcare in Conflict Settings Forum 2018: Leaving No One Behind

01 December 2018, Publication -

Report by Rachel Thompson and Mukesh Kapila

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World Economic Forum

22 > 24 January 2019 - Davos, Switzerland

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Prince Mahidol Award Conference: The political economy of NCDs: A whole of society approach

25 January > 03 February 2019 - Bangkok, Thailand

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Mukesh Kapila

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Mukesh Kapila

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Mukesh Kapila

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