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It is not always easy to do the right thing and one may not always succeed, but one must always try

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Peace absence of war
Yabus, Sudan border lands 2013 - 37

Why the UN General Assembly still matters in 2022

27 September 2022, Blog -

Global powers have become more intransigent, but they are still willing to talk


Against A Tide Of Evil

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Universidad Catolica San Antonio (UCAM)

16 > 19 October 2022 - Murcia, Spain

Dihad College - For more information

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Mukesh Kapila

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No Stranger To Kindness

For every act of cruelty, available next to it, is the antidote of humanity.

Published 2019, ISBN 979-8602155587
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Mukesh Kapila Book

Against A Tide Of Evil

How one man became the whistleblower to the first mass murder of the twenty-first century.

First published 2013 and re-published 2019, ISBN 978-1706663454
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